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What is a Resource?

| February 24, 2016
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When looking for advice, what is a resource?  According to Wordsmyth it is a source of aid, support or other reinforcement. According to Wikipedia it is a source or supply from which benefit is produced. The benefits can vary and may include increased wealth, meeting needs or wants, proper functioning of a system or enhanced well-being.

By either definition, it becomes glaringly obvious that having the proper resource can be life changing. Desirable resources can inspire us, guide us, support us to live life while accomplishing a higher purpose. It can help us all leave a lasting legacy for our family, friends, and the communities in which we live and serve.

My reason for discussing this topic is that our leadership team just returned from our business planning sabbatical. For those not aware, this is an intense meeting that can shape the direction of your firm where we address internal and external issues, threats, and opportunities. We also revisit our 1, 3, and 10-year business plan. However, when we addressed our core focus, or what I refer to as “the reason we get out of bed”, we all agreed something was lacking but we couldn’t put our finger on it.

First, let me say that we hire a consultant to run this meeting for us. He does an excellent job of letting conversations go on when they should and then getting us back on track when they wander off. However, he continued to allow this discussion to go on for a rather long period of time because of its importance. After some length, the youngest and newest member of our management team spoke up and it was truly one of those “AHA” moments. He simply stated loudly over all the buzz, “we want to become our client’s most valuable resource”.  Our consultant asked him to say it again and the room went quiet.

It was a unanimous vote and you could tell each and every one of us realized the magnitude of what we were accepting on behalf of the entire organization. We then spent the remainder of that day and the next producing the goals and an action plan that we truly believe allows us to accomplish our new purpose, “to become our clients most valuable resource”.

Let’s give credit where credit is due. First, I have excellent leadership team that truly inspires me to be better every day. Our youngest member happens to be my son, Justin Lopez. It was certainly my proudest moment of our young working relationship thus far. But more than that, it was a huge achievement for the leaders in our organization. Their formal training of Justin, teaching him our core values, our vision, explaining and sharing our accountability chart, and clearly defining his role within our organization paid off. At that single moment, it simply confirmed to me that their hard work and dedication was moving us in a new direction, one where our organization’s purpose was expanding. I could now put my finger on why it needed to change; because we are a much better organization with team members that are truly dedicated to their profession and have the passion necessary to achieve much more.

So, I think it is easy for you to see what my most valuable resource is; having a leadership team. A team that believes in what we do every day. They base all their decisions on achieving our purpose and using our agreed upon values to guide them throughout the process. I am also very confident that everyone within our organization will embrace our purpose. They will do so because each leader is an effective communicator and they will explain to the remainder of our team how important this is to our growth, our future, and our existence. They will explain why Lopez Wealth Management will never be seen as a commodity but the first resource our clients refer to when it comes to all things that truly matter in their life. A resource of trust, dependability, knowledge and a passion for service that will never diminish.

What can your resource do for you?

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